Please read our Privacy Statement below



  • Nauticaa��s principal business is logistics, and the privacy policy stated here covers the company, website and us. These statements cover our overall policy and practices, when it comes to processing of confidential and personal information via our website.


  • Nauticaa��s definition of a�?personal informationa�� is any information that can be derived from the data held by us, and can be used in relation to a living individual.


  • Nauticaa��s policy is to take all steps available to ensure that all information processing is done in a fair and lawful manner, so as to not violate the founding privacy policy. This has been educated to our employees and data processors, who deal with our clienta��s personal information.


  • Nautica ensures that no personal information about online guests is captured while they surf our website. The only default information captured is the IP address, duration of visit, and the browser used for surfing.


  • Nautica will clearly provide additional information (specific purpose[s], its usage) to its online users about any additional information that needs to be captured, and this information is captured if and only if the online guest volunteers to provide them. The online guests will always have an option to opt-out from providing such information.


  • All content of communication trails you transmit to Nautica via Internet will be considered confidential and will be treated with extra care. The transmitted information will not be held for more than the legally permissible time period.


  • Nautica has the option of using any communication material you transmit online by reproducing them, publishing them, or broadcasting them for marketing purposes.


  • Our website uses a�?Cookiesa�� and will store a small file in your computer when you visit our website. This is done purely in the view of customising our website to match your interests and also to give a good online experience.


  • The guests have to be careful of making personal information publicly available in Nauticaa��s website. For example, posting contact details as part of comments in Nauticaa��s blog articles.


  • Nautica adheres to all compliance regulations and local legislation, when dealing with information from suppliers, contractors, and clients.


  • We will notify you of any interesting offers that you may be interested in. However, you can always opt-out from receiving these newsletters.


  • We will be including useful web links for the convenience of our clients. But, Nautica does not take full responsibility for any data / information captured by these websites.


  • The clients and website visitors are free to contact Nauticaa��s offices to find what details are captured by us. IF you want us to delete any of the information, we are more than happy to adhere to it.


  • We value our customer database as a valuable asset, and it will be part of a sale if Nautica sells or transfers any of its business or assets.


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