Choose the Right Logistics Service Provider

  • Choose the Right Logistics Service Provider

    Choose the Right Logistics Service Provider

    Gone is the time when we go in to a store for shopping, to buy products or even for window shopping. People nowadays are pressed for time, and they want everything done in the shortest of time. So what has this led to?


    Almost all businesses have an online presence or a customer support function. Be it supermarkets (Keells, Cargills, Arpico, Laugfs), durable goods (Softlogic, Singer, Abans, Browns), furniture (Pepperfry, Damro), banks, clothing stores (Kelly Felder, Odel), daily deal sites (,,, and online stores (,, Kapruka, Having an online presence has made life easier for customers, where they can compare product prices, features, and performances, read reviews, read comments made by other users, and assess the functionalities. While the convenience for customers has increased, it has created an added burden on the providers, as the products that are being ordered online need to be delivered in a timely manner to the respective person.


    There have been instances in the past where ordered products have taken 3 a�� 5 weeks to get delivered and this created a lot of negative reviews for one of the leading online businesses in Sri Lanka. This is where the logistics provider plays a big role, as it is his service that ensures the timely delivery of goods in an efficient and effective manner.


    To choose the right logistics company that suits your requirement, you need to do a thorough research keeping in mind your requirements. For example, if you want to deliver throughout Sri Lanka, then you need to consider a qualified logistics provider who has island wide presence. Similarly if you want to serve the global customer base, then you need to engage with a logistics provider who has a global presence.


    The next step in identifying the suitable logistics provider is to get recommendations from the industry on the short-listed candidates. In other words, you would measure the Net Promoter Score of each of the logistics provider you are considering. The higher the Net Promoter Score the better. This comes in handy as people would recommend only if they are happy with the services, and if they are happy that means that service provider is providing an exceptional service.


    Finally, once you have used the first two filters, the next step is to consider the costs involved. The costs would be the operational costs and the fixed fee. When considering the costs it would be best to provide the requirements, SLAs that the company is looking at (for example, the number of days within which the delivery should be made, the operational time period, is the delivery only during weekdays or also includes weekends, etc.).


    Once these filters are used you will be able to zero in on the best logistics provider, and it is important to consider the order fulfilment as the most important objective, as successful order fulfilment will boost your brand image and goodwill. All the best in finding the best logistics provider.

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