What are the Challenges this Market is Facing

  • What are the Challenges this Market is Facing

    What are the Challenges this Market is Facing

    What are the challenges this market is facing? With the ever growing market and demand the greatest of challenge is how orders can be fulfilled in a timely manner? This is where the global logistics businesses have come in as saviours. Handling their own delivery is not an option any business will take up these days, as it brings in a lot of costs and operational difficulties, and with this in mind most businesses have started outsourcing or partnering with trusted logistics providers. We provide an extensive set of services, and a brief look into them is provided below.


    1. Freight Forwarding Services

    We provided personalized services for our customers, and you can reach out to us from any destination with any size. We will handle shipment booking, Bill of lading preparation, preparation and electronic filing of EEI, preparation and consolidation of forwarding documents, and shipment monitoring. Our freight services includes marine and air freight modes, which are handled with the utmost safety measures, and industry standard delivery times, and technologically superior tracking systems.


    1. Customs Brokerage and Clearing

    We specialize in clearing shipments on-time, without any delays, and this too in a very cost efficient manner. Our team has years of experience on the custom regulations and procedures around the world, and this saves a lot of time and money for our clients.


    1. Supply Chain Management

    We have a professional team who are well seasoned in the logistics and global freight sector. They are industry-savvy and can help our clients with supply chain management both functionally and tactically.


    1. Personnel Effect Cargo Handling

    We employ the latest technology when it comes to vessel and equipment used, and customer communication. These coupled with our in-house professionals who understand our customera��s needs, we are able to deliver any request, no matter which country.


    1. Consultancy and Advisory Services

    Being in the business for a substantial period we are well aware of the in-and-outs of the industry. We offer consultancy services for our clients to benefit in all possible ways.


    1. Support & Guidance for Foreign Investor Trade (BOI)

    For our customers who are interested in investing in Sri Lanka, or would like to know more about the opportunities, we provide advisory services which are on-par with those provided by Management Consulting organizations. We have an extensive set of partners who will help you with all your questions and will enrich you with all the knowledge / information required.


    1. Fast Moving Consumer Goods Moving

    FMCG is named like that for a reason. They move out fast from stores, therefore, they should move into the stores fast as well, without a gap in time, so that a brand doesna��t lose share to a competitor. Our services are fast and we will ensure that there is no stock-out, and we are extra careful with the moving of goods so as to not damage these goods. We even have separate services for special requests (specific temperature, packaging, etc.).


    1. Pharmaceutical Logistics Services

    Pharmaceutical goods are considered as the most delicate, and fragile items and they are vigilantly managed by strict laws and regulations. As mentioned above we have special transportation methods which are tailor made to move such items (in special temperature, packaging, etc.).

    We are experts in our own trade and are eagerly waiting to serve you. So do get in touch with us for all your logistics need.

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